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Bandforte Privacy Policy

What information is collected by Bandforte?

Data Diction Pty Ltd is providing a service (Bandforte) that requires collection and storage of personal information in order to enable management of client music programs.

This will include contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses.

Bandforte maintains a log file which will include information such as pages accessed, updates made and documents or photos uploaded. The Australian Privacy Principles require that we treat this information carefully and protect it from misuse.

Data Dictionís use of the Private Information

Data Diction, as administrator of Bandforte, will need to provide access to the personal information to some of its employees. Our use of this information will be limited to that which is required to provide you with a reliable service.

Specifically, Data Diction will not share, sell, rent or disclose personal information to any third party unless legally required to do so under NSW or Australian Law.

All Data Diction employees who have access to the private information have agreed to abide by these privacy principles. No contractors will have access to the personal information.

Client use of the Private Information

Information in Bandforte is accessed by client band administrators (e.g. parent volunteers, school staff, musical directors). Data Diction strongly recommends that each client organisation has its own privacy policy and ensures that each user is aware of and abides by the organisationís privacy policy.

Access to Bandforte requires a personal User login and password. We recommend that logins are not shared and that password selection is made with care to avoid being easy to guess.

Secure Housing of the Private Information

The information you enter into the service will be housed in data servers physically located in Australia. The servers used are managed by a top tier cloud hosting provider, currently Rackspace. Data Diction does not use shared servers, we have our own dedicated servers. All the private information is stored encrypted and no hosting company staff have access to the encryption keys. All transmission of data is kept private by industry standard secure communications protocols.

Personal information will be kept no longer than is necessary to provide the service or as otherwise required by laws relating to data retention for services provided to children.

Access and Correction

You have the right to see the private information we hold about you and to request any corrections that may be required to that information. We will make corrections you request as soon as practical.

Unauthorised Access

Data Diction will use our best endeavours to detect and prevent any unauthorised access or attempts to access the private information you enter into the system. We will notify you as soon as practical of any data breach we detect that may have resulted in personal information being stolen from the system.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Over time we may need to update this policy to take account of changes to the service or current laws or best practice. We will let you know whenever we make changes to this privacy policy.

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