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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Bandforte?

Take your music program into the cloud!
Give the members of your Band team access to relevant information immediately, seeing updates as they're made. Contact details are at your fingertips to call or email a tutor, a parent or an ensemble. You may log band attendance, check tutorial times, arrange an instrument repair, all from your phone. Anyplace any time.

Can I try Bandforte?

We'd love you to try Bandforte - there is a Sample school set up where you can try all the functions and see how quick and simple Bandforte is, on any device. Just Contact Us to get started.

What do I need to run Bandforte?

Bandforte runs in the cloud and you can connect from any web-connected device, designed to run on Smartphones, tablets or PCs. No special installs or downloads are needed.  

Sounds great - how about seeing my own school data?

You've tried the Sample school, and you like Bandforte. The next step is to load up the information from your school music program. Contact us and we can get this sorted very quickly

Will our data be secure?

Bandforte uses industry standard HTTPS secure web communication for all access with AES-256 bit encryption. All data is backed up every night. Bandforte is hosted on highly secure web-servers running at  Rackspace Sydney. Only authorised users can login and access data.

What support is there?

Bandforté  is designed, developed and supported by Data Diction Pty Ltd: an Australian software development company working with Government and community organisations since 1998.
Data Diction Pty Ltd supplies and supports applications to well over 100 organisations across Australia including Local Councils, Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres, Service Providers and NGOs.

Who can access Bandforte?

Only authorised users can access Bandforte for a particular school program. The Band program co-ordinator invites other band personnel to join and each individual then sets their own password. 

How are players, and other band data, added and maintained?

We can initially upload player details from a spreadsheet to establish the Band program on Bandforte. These can then be updated in the system, and new players added directly into Bandforte. This is also true for instruments, ensembles, music scores and tutors. 

Do I need to re-enter Player data each year for continuing band members?

No, players can be easily transferred between ensembles. Players can be in multiple ensembles. A complete history of changes is kept, and players can be carried over from year to year in the same or different ensembles.

What will Bandforte cost me?

We are currently offering Schools the first year free, zero cost. This enables you to trial Bandforte and be happy that it meets your needs, with no obligation.  Pricing is not yet finalised, it is likely to be in the order of a few dollars per band member, per annum.

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Email: bandforte@datadiction.com.au